Business Visa

The Ethiopian Business Visa allows eligible visitors to travel to Ethiopia for business purposes. There are various types of business visas which are designed for different reasons for entering the country. Applications for Business Visas for Ethiopia can be made online, or in person at an embassy or consulate.

Please Refer to the below table for more details about the validity period and visa fee.

Business Visa Type Entry Type Maximum Duration Fee (USD)
Conference Visa - CV Single 30 days 32 Details
Investment Visa - IV Single 30 days 32 Details
Multiple 90 days 42
Multiple 6 months 62
Multiple 12 months 122
Foreign Business Firm Employment Visa - WV Single 30 days 42 Details
Ethiopian Government Employment Visa - GV Single 30 days 32 Details
Journalist Visa - JV Single 30 days 42 Details
Ethiopian Private Business Firm Work Visa - PE Single 30 days 32 Details
International Organization/Embassies Work Visa - RI Single 30 days 52 Details
Ethiopian Governmet Institutions Short Task Visa - GIV Single 30 days 22 Details
Multiple 90 days 82
Multiple 6 Months 122
NGO Work Visa - NV Single 30 days 62 Details

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